How does this work?

Step 1) You place an order.
Step 2) We give your social media information to our advertisers where they will run multiple campaigns.
Step 3) You watch your social media account grow overnight!

We have an extensive network of popular marketing partners. We can effectively promote your page to a wide audience. We will halt promotion once your page has met the quota that we’ve promised. These are real marketing campaigns for real companies. Don’t be fooled by our low prices, we mean business.

Our most popular service is Facebook Photo, post Likes

When you Buy Facebook Likes it is the quickest and smartest way to start your Facebook marketing campaign. It makes you look established and inspires trust from your new visitors, which will also increase your sales and conversion rates. Buy Facebook likes cheap today and watch your fan base grow. Thousands of businesses all around the world buy cheap Facebook likes every single day. You might be wondering what actions to take after you buy Facebook likes from us? Social media marketing increases brand image and credibility on Facebook and also grows a targeted fan base that will buy your products and services. We all know that buying Facebook likes increases your conversion rates.

Which package should I order?

“Fan Page” likes are for Facebook fan pages only. Website likes are for website’s you want people to directly like. If you’ve ordered Facebook website likes, please make sure your Facebook like button is pointed to your homepage. If it is pointed to a fan page, your new total likes will not reflect in your like button.If you have a fan page box on your website that is pointed to a fan page, you must order one of our “Fan Page” packages, as we would be promoting a fan page, not a physical website URL.
You may also order any of our other services that we have been delivering for some time now.

Is this service safe to use?

buypostsharelikes will have no negative impact on your account’s good standing. We have never had a customer account banned or removed from using our services.

Are these real Facebook likes?

Yes. Our Facebook likes are from real humans, and are not created with software or other illegal techniques.

Can buypostsharelikes promote a photo?

Yes! However, you’ll need to remove any privacy restrictions from your page prior to placing your order so that your photo is available to the public.

Can I order more than one package?

Yes! You may also run UNLIMITED campaigns simultaneously (even of the same package), should you choose to do so. We don’t have limits to how many people can like, follow, or view your pages.

How can I benefit from this service?

Having very few “Likes” on Facebook and other social platforms can indicate that your product or website appears to be fairly new and not yet reputable. buypostsharelikes increases your overall number of fans and rapidly increasing your social network visibility with our large network of visitors. Studies prove that an increased social presence can also benefit website rankings and brand exposure.

Does buypostsharelikes require my account password?

We don’t require any password or access to your accounts. Don’t trust anyone that does ask for your password.

Thank You